The Vesey Lounge

The Vesey Lounge

A ceremony room, a bar, a dining area, a ballroom and so much more…


The partner room to the Vesey Ballroom and Auditorium, the Vesey Lounge is equally versatile! Whether hosting a conference, a talk, a dinner, party or wedding reception – we can cater for any occasion with the Vesey Lounge!

With easy access to the kitchen, the Vesey lounge is an ideal space to host a wedding breakfast, gala dinner or birthday do! As with the Vesey Ballroom, the Lounge boasts a sizeable dancefloor that can be either fully or partially exposed so the dance floor always looks full no matter what! 

With a capacity of around 200 people, the Lounge is also equally adept at being not just a dinner room, but a ceremony room and whatever else you could likely think of! The possibilities are endless! 

As of November 2018, the Vesey Lounge’s bar will be revamped into a brand new, state of the art bar area