Technical Facilities

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  • The proscenium arch stage is usually extended with a metrodeck apron stage for stage shows, orchestras, etc. This apron can be set up in various formats as requested by the user.
  • Rostra are available.
  • There is a mid stage running tab and other aluminium bars.
  • All stage curtains are black in colour with the main tabs being red in colour.
  • Backstage is painted entirely black to minimise distractions from the wings.
  • There is limited but easily workable wing’s space for scenery storage and props at side-stage .
  • 12 x 6x4ft Risers (6 at 200mm & 6 at 400mm)
  • Stage Extension

Lighting Fixtures

  • 12 x 1k Fresnels
  • 10 x 650W Fresnels
  • 8 x 1k Single Coda Floods
  • 4 x 3 Cell Coda Floods (CYC Units)
  • 12 x Strand SL Profiles
  • 4 x Par 64 Par Cans
  • *Additional Fixtures including intelligent units can be supplied upon request
  • The lighting and sound desks can be installed at the rear left of the auditorium.
  • There is a position on the rear right hand side of the tiered seating for a hired in follow spot.



  • 2 x FOH Internally Wired Bars
  • 4 x On Stage Internally Wired Winch Bars
  • Red House Tabs
  • 1 x 14 Rung Zargees Ladder
  • 1 x 8 Rung Zargees Ladder


Lighting Control

  • 4 x Zero 88 Betapack 2 Dimmers
  • 1 x DMX Buffer with DMX Outlets at the FOH Operating Position – side stage and on each of the FOH IWB’s.
  • 1 x Zero 88 Sirius 24 Ch. Desk
  • 1 x Zero 88 Jester
  • Chamsys Virtual Terminal Available Upon Request


PA Control

  • 10 x Sennheiser EW300 G3 Radio Mics (additional cost)
  • A Variety of Wired Mics Available Upon Request
  • 1 x 12 Way FOH Multi
  • 1 x Allen and Heath GL2400 Mixing Console (Digital Consoles Available Upon Request)
  • CD/MD Playback
  • 32 Band Graphic EQ



  • 4 x Proscenium Wall Mounted 8″ OHM High/Mid Speakers
  • 4 x Wall Mounted 4″ OHM High/Mid Delay Speakers
  • 2 x Single 18″ Bass Speakers Floor Standing
  • 2 x JBL EON Powered Monitors
  • 1 x OHM Oyster Control  System
  • 2 x OHM CFU-A2 Power Amplifier (high, mid & bass)
  • 1 x OHM FL Series Delay Amp
  • 1 x Induction Loop Installed
  • * Please note that the installed PA system is only intended for vocal reinforcement and is not particularly well suited for live music or recorded playback. If this is required, an additional PA must be booked.




  • A Grand Piano is available on stage via a trapdoor and hydraulic lift.
  • An Upright Piano is available for use at floor level.
  • There is also an electric piano and amplifier.


Dressing Rooms

  • Three Main (Purpose Built) Dressing Rooms are situated up a flight of stairs at backstage.
  • Show Relay and Dressing Room System in the 3 aforementioned principal dressing rooms.
  • Two Smaller Function Rooms (Bedford & Crush) can sometimes be sectioned off into additional dressing room space (additional cost)


  • 4 Way Talkback System


For all hirers handling Town Hall technical equipment, a technical facilities pro forma will be issued with the booking.