The school calendar is a revolving door of activity and sometimes it can be hard to fit every event into the building at any one time and this is but one of the ways in which we believe we can help. We offer a venue for; school productions, talent shows, extracurricular and regular school clubs, Prize Givings and/or award ceremonies and more recently, exam sittings. It may not even be the case that, as a school, space to utilise is limited. Perhaps instead, it is a matter of wanting to host an important evening or function in a grander setting, giving the occasion that extra touch of glamour and charm.

We are also one of the few production houses in the West Midlands. Each year we have our Christmas Pantomime but the latest development is the conception of our Shakespeare Programme. We kickstarted the programme with a hugely successful production of Macbeth and will follow it up in February 2018 with Romeo and Juliet.

On all of our in-house shows we also provide a school discounted rate and offer that for every 10 students, 1 teacher goes free.

If you are interested in an event type not mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our staff will endeavour to answer all your questions and help ensure your event, whatever it may be, is one to remember!

TH No.71

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