Just Another Slay at the Office ~ Fri 4 – Sat 5 October 2019

“Some Meetings Are Just Killer!” 



On what was seemingly just like any other day at the office, a handful of employees attending an executive meeting become prime suspects in a gruesome murder. When the boss dies under mysterious circumstances during a brief power outage, the senior team must decide who amongst them delivered the fatal payoff. With each of them having their own motives and secrets, figuring out whodunnit is going to be one heck of a job!

Penned by GBMTC’s own Craig Smith, this original murder-mystery story, featuring well-known songs from musicals and the pop charts, is set to be one of GBMTC’s most ambitious and immersive productions. You won’t want to pull a sickie to miss this!

Age guidance 12+ \\ Features strong language and adult themes. **Please note, this is an amateur production.