Back to the 90s!

In readiness for our 2018 Summer Party, our volunteer blogger Ammara Khan takes us back to the decade of Girl Power and Central Perk! 


Groove is in the heart at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall’s 90s party this July! Kick off your summer by dusting off your platform trainers and puka shell necklaces, before heading down to our 90s disco and bar to dance to along to the anthems of the decade.

Living in the 90s to many, meant watching Friends for the first time, collecting pogs, memorising the dance routine to Tragedy and all the words to the infamous intro of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! On Friday 20th July at 8pm, we will be reliving the nostalgia of the 90s, from the music to the fashion. We know not all of you would want to repeat the decade’s faux-pas in which case you are more than welcome to Come As You Are but for those of you who really want to indulge in the theme of the night, why not show us what you wore back in the 90s? 

What are your memories of 9os? Was it DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith’s Boom! Shake the Room!? Maybe The Spice Girls crashing a hotel in London, sporting their signature styles and personalities in Wannabe? Although there were some memorable one hit wonders such as MmmBop and The One and Only, major bands emerged such as Take That and Destiny’s Child plus the seminal sounds of Brit Pop icons such as OasisPulp and Blur

But the 90s would not be complete without the fashion – from the shoes to the hair, from the clothes to the accessories! Need inspiration? This refresher may provide some timely inspiration for your look on the night…

… One of the most definitive looks of the 90s was Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress and ginger hair with blonde streaks! Sound appealing? Why not gather all your girl friends and come along as the whole Spice Girls clan? Following the fashion of single artists, the recently revived crop top sported by the likes of Britney Spears might be more your style, worn with low-cut jeans. 

Other styles and accessories that hit the stage included bhindis; worn by Gwen Stefani over the arch of her brows, through to the indie style parkas, Fred Perry shirts and bucket hats!

The catalogue of influences do not stop there, Take That wore baggy trousers with big belts and tucked in t-shirts. Gary Barlow donned the 90s spiky blonde hair, whilst the other had middle partings and floppy hair.

For some American chic, N-sync wore baggy shirts, khaki trousers and bandanas. Will Smith brought a unique sense of style, with a nonchalant sideways snapback and dungarees with one strap down. The possibilities are endless, whether you and a group of friends wish to follow the route of coordinated girl or boy groups, or follow the style of your icons or even if you want to bring back your very own sense of 90s fashion for one night only – grab your friends and book your tickets now for July 20th! 


** Over 18s Only **

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