Ali Baba (CLOC) – 6-10 February 2018

Following on from their success of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, CLOC are back with their 2018 pantomime production of…

Ali Baba

And The Forty Thieves

AliBaba_Town Hall Event Page

Ali Baba stumbles upon the infamous forty thieves’ secret cave, stashed with treasures. Asbad, the King of the Thieves, plots to find and kill Ali Baba to keep the secret of the thieves’ cave safe.

Will Ali Baba, assisted by Marjan – a slave girl, Mustafa Screwloose – the village simpleton and Dame Fatima Fandango, thwart his plans?

Although less commonly performed than others, this traditional panto promises slapstick comedy and all round family fun plus our magical Arabian-themed ultra-violet scene.

Tickets on sale now! Click HERE for tickets.

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