About the Shakespeare Programme

About the Shakespeare Programme…


The programme began in May 2017 with a professional production of Macbeth which was directed by award winning director, Benjamin Field and performed by a professional cast with a thrust stage. Being the first installment of the burgeoning programme, Macbeth allowed us to get a sense of what does and does not work and highlighted areas in which we could improve the next time around.

The productions always open with a series of 10:30am matinee performances which, while open to members of the public, are orchestrated with educational purposes in mind – for schools, colleges, university students and so on.

After each matinee performance there will be a Q&A session with the director and his cast which is a great opportunity for students of English to ask about line interpretation, structure and form and for students of Drama to ask professional actors about auditions, learning lines and getting started out in the industry.

There will also be a lounge area and refreshments available where students can sit and eat either before or after the performance(s) – particularly when waiting for transportation from the venue.